An Outdoor Fitness Park

Take your fitness beyond the gym! Get outside, sweat, scrape up your knees, get dirty...get alive!

Jailbreak Ranch

An Outdoor Gym for Outdoor People

There are certain things you can't simulate in a gym; temperature, wind, rain, snow, hail.....nature! Your body was made to move, it was made to adapt, it was made to conquer. Unfortunately, most of us don't move enough, we've adapted to the couch and the only thing we conquer is a bag of chips as we binge watch Netflix. Jailbreak Ranch is a place where you can conquer your fears, conquer adversity, conquer yourself!

Mission  – To inspire, delight, educate and motivate millions of people to Live a Better Story

Jailbreak Principles – 

1. Be Fit to be Useful

2. Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

3. Before you can Play like a Champion, you must Train like a Champion. Before you can Train like a Champion, you must Think like a Champion

4. “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” -JFK

5. "You can get everything in life you want, if you help enough others get what they want." -Zig Ziglar

6. Have Fun

Jailbreak Race Events – Since 2010, we have produced more than 100 events. Mud/Obstacle runs, triathlon, marathon, half marathon, color runs, 10k's and 5k's.

While we still produce a few events each year, we got tired of all the travel (four kids = lots of practices, plays and games!). So we decided to build a place where you could come to us!

Jailbreak Ranch is, and will continue to be, a work in progress. Our aim is to continually add obstacles, challenges and games that will inspire you to get outside and move!

Team Building

Nothing brings a team together like a shared struggle, shared challenge, and shared accomplishment!

Group Training

Take your fitness outside! Outdoor bootcamps that focus on strength, stamina, agility, balance and grit!

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Team Building

Not Your Typical Team Building

 Nothing brings people together like a shared struggle, shared challenge and a shared accomplishment. A shared experience deepens personal bonds and strengthens relationships. Team Building at Jailbreak Ranch is the perfect way to build comradery with your friends, family, coworkers or athletic team! Get Dirty, Have Fun, Conquer Fears and Triumph Together!

Obstacles – Every organization faces obstacles and challenges, it's how they respond to the obstacles and challenges that determines the ultimate success of the organization.

Stress - Stress can work for us or against us. The difference is in our personal interpretation of stress. 

Communication - Confidence is the key to communication. The confidence in oneself to speak up and the confidence in oneself to listen without emotion.

Jailbreak Ranch Team Building – We present your group with obstacles and challenges that require communication under stress. We do not teach people to be better "sheep", we teach people to be confident in their knowledge, skills and abilities. A pride of lions needs no shepherd.

All team building is customized around your desired outcomes and goals with sessions available from 1hr-4hrs in duration. We can accommodate most any fitness level and create more physically demanding challenges if desired. Food and beverage can also be made available.


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What is the minimum Team Size?

-ideally no less than 3-4

What is the Maximum Team Size?

-We can handle virtually any sized group; however, we would typically break them down into teams

of 8-12 depending on the overall group size 

What is involved in a 1-Hour course vs a 3 Hour Course?

-The minimal recommended duration is 90 minutes. The only difference between a shorter duration and a longer duration is the number of challenges undertaken. According to the group, a 90min course may allow for only 2-4 challenges, while a 3hr course may allow for 6-8 challenges.

What is the overall agenda for the program?

-We prefer to get to know your desired outcomes, and create a few options based upon your specific objectives. We use obstacles and challenges that require communication, and strategy, in order to accomplish them. We try to add stress to the challenge or obstacle by adding a time limit or competition if multiple teams are present. After an obstacle or challenge, we ask questions based upon the interaction we witnessed from the group. Our primary objective is getting the individuals of the group comfortable being uncomfortable and confident in giving and receiving directions, instructions and feedback.

What is the cost?

                                        90 min        3hr

- up to 5 participants:  $350        $500

- 6-9 participants:         $450        $700

- 10-14 participants:    $600        $900

- 15-19 participants:    $750        $1200

- 20+ participants:        $40*         $70*

                                                  *per person

Hours of Operation

Available by appointment only. Must schedule for a group of 10 or more 

email to schedule


$10 per person (ages 12+)

$5 per person (ages 5-11)

Group (20+) discounts available, email


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